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Editors' picks | #1 THE SEAFARER | One Hundred People 2020 | Lloyd's List |

Photo courtesy of Alexander Schedrov | Shutterstock | One hundred People 2020 | Lloyd's List |

Lloyd's List: The seafarer is obviously the most important person in the industry, this and every other year, but the essential work of ships' crews is largely overlooked. Seeing 400,000 people left far from home on ships around the world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the extent of adversity faced by those who work at sea, but also drawn attention to the vital role they play in keeping global supply lines functioning during such difficult times.

Somehing must be done, the industry cried as one. Yet very little was – at least at the level of meaningful action.

A full nine months after the emergence of lockdown as a widespread response to the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 400,000 seafarers remained stranded on board ships scattered throughout the world. Read the full article: The Seafarer | One Hundred People 2020 | Lloyd's List | December 11, 2020


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