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Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch | 18th Annual Forum | 28.11.23| Eugenides Foundation

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch is hosting its 18th Annual Forum, on Tuesday, 28th of November 2023, at the prestigious Eugenides Foundation.

The Annual Forum of the ICS Greek Branch – being held for 17 years now – stands as a flagship event in the shipping community and is a meeting point for more than 500 leading Greek shipowners and top executives in the industry who raise and discuss current issues of the global shipping market.

This year’s topic is: "Shipping 2024: Sailing with Wisdom", and the following speakers have been invited/accepted to participate in the panel:

Ms Annika Bartels, Head of Research, IFCHOR GALBRAITHS

Ms Alexia Hatzimichalis, Partner & Head of Athens Office, Watson Farley & Williams

Mr George G. Mangos, Co – Principal, Interunity Group

Mr Aristides J. Pittas, CEO, Euroseas Ltd & Eurodry Ltd.

Mr Filippos Prokopakis, CCO, Danaos Corporation

Mr Valentios (Eddie) Valentis, CEO, PYXIS Maritime Corp.

Mr George Youroukos, Managing Director, Technomar Shipping Inc.

Panel Moderator: Mr Simon Ward, FICS, Director, Ursa Shipbrokers S.A.

The distinguished industry leaders will be sharing invaluable views on the current trends and future outlook of the global economy, exploring the intricate dynamics of trade developments and delving into the complexities of today’s shipping markets.

For one more year, this year’s event will maintain its hybrid format, combining physical attendance with a live broadcast to extend the reach of the Forum virtually.


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