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Slide2Open Shipping Finance Conference 2020: Let's ReFuture Shipping!

The tactician knows what to do

when there is something to do;

whereas the strategian knows what to do

when there is nothing to do.

- Gerald Abrahams -

Let’s ReFuture Shipping!

40 distinguished representatives of the maritime industry and a few more still expected will participate as speakers in the established annual Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2020 conference, to discuss and analyze the most recent developments in the industry, together with valuable financial and commercial insights into activities, offerings, best practices and trends.

Speakers include:

the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Mr Giannis Plakiotakis,

the International Maritime Organization's Ambassador in Greece and President of Eugenides Foundation, Mr Leonidas Dimitriades - Eugenides the President of the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping and Deputy Chairman of Contships Management, Dr George D. Pateras, Mr John Dragnis of Goldenport Shipmanagement, Ms Marily Frangistas of Franco Compania Naviera, Mr Konstantinos Georgiou of Accenture, Mr George D. Gourdomichalis of Phoenix Shipping & Trading, Mr Stavros Gyftakis of Seanergy Maritime Holdings, Mr Anastasios V. Papagiannopoulos of Common Progress Co Na, Mr Nicholas Papalios of Vantage Shipping Lines, Mr Jesper R. Pedersen of M.V.Cargo, Ms Korinna Tapaktsoglou of Pioneer Marine, Mr Dimitris Theodorakis of Swissmarine, Mr Christos Tsakonas of DNB Bank, Mr George A. Tsavliris of Tsavliris Salvage Group, Professor Hercules Haralambides, Mr Marc Hari of Macquarie Bank and many more.

Mr Yuri Bender of the Financial Times, Ms Danae Bezantakou of Navigator Shipping Consultants, Ms Katerina Stathopoulou of Investments & Finance, Mr Konstantinos Kanellopoulos of Braemar Naves and Mr Angelos Roupas Pantaleon of Second Wind & Partners are the sessions’ chairs and moderators.

From decarbonization and blockchain, from safety and autonomous shipping modules to over-regulation, the shipping industry keeps on doing what it knows best – it is moving on.

Sometimes leading the way, others adapting to new realities, but never stopping, always evolving.

Shipping finance has been keeping a watchful eye on developments in the industry but is still characterized by much caution on the side of banks and regulators, in equal stride.

Banks are constantly shrinking their shipping portfolios with only a few exceptions and NPLs remain high.

Can Shipping Finance become attractive again to banks?

Leasing is expanding its reach, but in a somewhat more focused way, funds are repositioning in the market and crowdfunding might become more than just a viable option.

Availability, timing, coverage: Apart from strengths and weaknesses, each financing solution represents more than meets the eye.

Are there brighter days ahead?

Shipping is an industry of doers.

It’s an industry of flexible and adaptable shipowners and managers who have proven, time and again, their agility to master changing market dynamics and complicated new variables in technology, regulation and, let’s face it, politics.

The question is not just to be good in what we are doing, but also to be able to predict and be ready in our rapidly changing world.

Let’s not wait and see what the future holds for us.

Let's jointly brainstorm about ways to be proactive.

Let’s ReFuture Shipping!

Morning Session: Assessing global political and economic developments How China’s One Belt One Road vision boosts emerging Ports / Hubs in global trade

Shifting trade dynamics for key exports including oil, grain, soya and other agri-goods

Investing in infrastructure/terminals to profit from changing trade patterns

New trade agreements

Europe: Brexit, elections and new political players

The roles of Turkey, Russia and Iran in navigating regional ‘choke-points’

Noon Session: Mastering Sustainability & Compliance

HFO LSFO, LNG, Poseidon Med and renewable sources of energy

The Economics of Sustainability and Compliance

Is slow steaming an alternative?

Projecting IMO 2020 into 2022 and beyond

The transformative change – impact of digitalization, and investment in research and development

Afternoon Session: Developing Future-Proof Strategies

- Panel 1: Can Shipping Finance become attractive again to Banks?

What can we expect from Banks in the near future?

Can technology play a key role in reviving Shipping Finance from Banks?

Poseidon Principles and the Green Charter

Commercially viable proposals from stakeholdersTrends and perspectives

- Panel 2: Mapping Shipping Finance opportunities

Banks: Lower exposure, review of shipping loan portfolios, high credibility parties, higher cost of debt-lower LTV%

Asian leasing & alternative finance: Are they expanding their reach?

A more rationalized approach by Funds

Unfinanced projects

Cryptocurrencies & Crowdfunding in Shipping

- Panel 3: Digital Transformation as the new source of competitive advantage   

New business models: online booking platforms, higher-margin services of the supply chain, real-time cargo tracking and visibility throughout the shipping journey, monitoring cargo condition Digitalization of the core business: revenue management, advanced analytics to minimize system costs, blockchain technology to streamline and secure the documentation process, digital lead management through connected market intelligence, ERP interfacing, control tower fleet monitoring, multi-modal collaboration

Internal digital foundation across the organization to attract talent, modernizing systems, swift development of solutions, maximizing efficiency

Late Afternoon Session: The Shipowners Panel – Brighter days ahead?

Are we changing our course?

How the trade war affects us?

Freights and prospects

Off shore

New regulations and fleet restructuring

Digitization in practice

Concluding Remarks

Who should attend: The Conference is addressed to shipowners and top executives in shipping, transport, trade and logistics; banking, investment, finance; IT, energy, telecommunications and law. Through a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, one-to-one interviews, private meetings and parallel events, delegates will discuss their activities, expectations and practices when transacting in shipping.

For more information, you may contact:

Slide2Open Communications Telephone: (+30) 210 3004808

Mobile: (+30) 6976 722430 E-mail:


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